Our Story


Hi, my name is Chris Tien and this is our story!

I worked for a respectable online retail company for six years as an account manager and a sales specialist. Prior to that, I had experiences in commercial furniture inside sales and health insurance industry. I have a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design and an associate degree in Computer System and Design Programming. I have traveled in multiple countries and enjoyed various hobbies during my down time. My hobbies included an array of experiences, from wall climbing, archery, volleyball, going to the beach, hiking, and of course dining out (FOOD is LIFE). Through all these experiences, I never felt like there was so much purpose in my life, but I did it because it was enjoyable.

And you know when they say children changes you, well they really do! Having my two boys, Alexander and Matheo, made me looked at life in a different perspective. I started worrying a lot about the future and how I am going to be as a mom. My two boys showed me my true purpose in life and that is to serve. Alex + Theo is the culmination of all my life experiences, it is a way for me to fulfill my purpose of serving.

Our mission is to serve our family and friends, customers, employees, business partners, the environment, and the community. We are committed to spreading conscious consumerism and make sensible purchasing choices. We support small businesses that practices ecofriendly production, uses ethically sourced, and sustainable raw materials. Merchants that donates part of their profits to nonprofit organizations and artisans who produces in small batches. Our carefully curated products adheres to certain standards and we choose to work with reputable merchants. 

Every little action creates a ripple effect, let us make a lasting impact and start buying with good intent!